December 2021

Base System
Added Help system. This will be added to in the coming weeks but will be the central area where staff/owners can find answers to common questions while using the system.
Added staff logins, not just coaches.
Completely redesigned dashboard. This provides at-a-glance metrics such as Number of Athletes, Today's Classes, Last 30 days payments, In building, etc.

Fixed at-risk and overview report
Added short descriptions and allowed entry to membership plans

Allow coaches to duplicate sessions to specific weeks
Generalise data to allow running on postgres from mysql import
Fix overview report

Added a daily view.
Fixed Dashboard report.

November 2021

Base System
Update base system to support Multi-Tenancy (version 3.5). This means we no longer need to manually deploy systems for individual customers and can automate the whole process. Lots of security improvements and a massive refactoring to clear a path for version 4 (remove CMS reliance) bundled alongside.

Remove body fat % as a required field. Remove it entirely from athlete display and add as an optional field for coaches. Automatically calculate these fields from now on.
Remove food hours, cheat meals, alcohol units as they were rarely used and were often cited as a reason for athletes not completing the nutrition form (due to complexity).
Merge snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner inputs in to a single list. It's only for coaches to monitor and doesn't affect the calculations.
Add daily +/- tracking of diet report
Add macronutrient tracking and automatic consumption calculation.
Macronutrient system available for advanced payment levels as an additional sales tool.
Merge Complex StrCon, PowCon, MetCon, MobCon definitions in to single Conditioning definition. This means less information to input in to a complex to calculate workload and volume.

October 2021

Update Stripe libraries.
Fix API middleware (CORS and throttling).
Ban user on payment failure rather than outright deleting them.
Fix trial period.
Fix cancelling payment plan if an athlete is banned

Add coach notes for complexes and exercises as well as athlete notes.
Add duplicate exercise session to specific week function.
Make videos in to a slideshow.
Add athlete title for complexes (allows coaches to use coded titles for identification).

Fix products API route

September 2021

Fix past notes not displaying correctly.
Fix ambiguous "Duplicate" function for exercise sesssions.
Move RPE from a per-complex to a per-complex-per-exercise-session-per-user definition
Fix some issues with group sessions

August 2021

Fix Athlete training data access (previously too permissive so non-assigned coaches could see too much data).
Add meal image, portion sizes, editable diet/cuisine, multiselect diet/cuisine
Fix listing simple ingredient list

July 2021

Remove unnecessary complex volume
Fix timezone issues
Optimisation of performance data retrieval for athletes with more than 1,000 completed exercise sessions.

June 2021

Base System and all plugins
Complete migration to latest language framework version. Slow progress on updates caused by framework migration will now be replaced by slow progress due to version 3.5 build :)

May 2021

Add mealplan system. This allows coaches to build day-by-day, week-by-week mealplans for specific (or groups of) athletes. Includes full macronutrient breakdown of individual meals, step-by-step cooking/prep instructions, diet/cuisine options, and a full athlete accessible search function for specific items.

April 2021

Venue App
Complete app for venues. This allows customers to use a tablet to scan for a barcode/qrcode and allow entry. Also supports per-entry payments via sumup card reader. Is also available as a regular desktop app but requires a webcam and window focus so we'll probably go back in time and rebuild our turnstile interface software on SBC instead rather than use this.

March 2021

Complete conversion to JWT authentication.

Add athlete and group filters for easier searching.
Add group archiving system.
Complete entry system (query active athlete for entry hours, payment required, etc).
Add fire safety in-building reports

February 2021

Base System and all plugins
Convert all API routes to use JWT

Add calendar overview.
Fix body fat records and intake calculation.

January 2021

Base System and all plugins
Complete migration to version 3. Begin roadmap for 3.5 (multitenancy).