Main Features

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Membership Lists and Filters Membership Payment Details Handle all of your different payment plans Customise every aspect of a payment plan Including extra features such as automatically adding people to a group or making sure a specific trainer gets their share. Have different payment schemes/timings for each of your payment plans One-Off payments Or recurring Weekly / Monthly / Yearly payments Choose between a variety of different set up options Such as pro-rata and deposits Customise your signup form with your required fields Get all your payment reports here See at risk customers See failed payment customers
  • Get at a full list of all your members with the ability to filter by Plan or Group
  • Monitor all of your Members' activities, including their payments, their training records, and any bookings they have.
  • Don't want to individually monitor each customer? No problem. Use our Groups system to quickly add Training Sessions and manage members.
  • Customise all the personal details you need to collect. Do you have a stringent health policy? Set up all the questions at the point of signup.
  • Our payments system is very flexible. We support discount codes, one-off memberships, weekly / monthly / yearly payments, specific day-of-the-month payments, pro-rata fees, and deposits.
  • Get all the information you need through our reports and if they don't give you everything, go directly to Stripe.

Exercise Plans

Customer Performance Tracking Chart Customer Overview Exercise Session Display Creating and Editing an Exercise Session Coach Monthly Overview Creating and Editing a Complex Attaching individual Exercises to a Complex Coach Overview for Customer Completed Records
  • Using a combination of Customers, Sessions, Complexes, and Individual Exercises, program your training exactly how you want from the mesocycle to the individual reps.
  • Create reusable Complexes as either generic tasks or ultra-specific exercise lists with customisable timings and focuses.
  • Track athlete performance and fatigue using BAT and daily reports with risk notifications.
  • Attach videos, images, and full instructions to individual exercises.
  • Specify Workzones, Focus, Complexities, Types, and much more for every Complex.

Classes and Events

Calendar View Booking View Admin Overview Fill in Attendance Reports Events List Event Details Event Details Event Details
  • Weekly recurring or one-off events.
  • Free and paid for events.
  • Calendar or List view for limiting viewable events.
  • Waitinglists and automatic migrations.
  • Limit bookings to members on specific payment plans.
  • Record attendance and get notified of no-shows.
  • Get class desirability information.
  • Attach specific trainers (with automatic payment share), locations, online meeting rooms, and Exercise Sessions to a class.
  • Allow different booking groups (age ranges, for example).
  • Capture custom booking details for individual events.

Personal Training

Customer Request Admin Overview Admin Request
  • Get notifications if a customer wants to book a PT Session.
  • Allow individual payment plans to have included sessions or have a booking blocks system.
  • Manage trainers' appointments.
  • Set specific trainers to be available for specific Payment Plans.

Entry and in-person Payments

Entry System Who's in the building
  • Use our all-in-one entry and shop system to effortlessly handle reception tasks.
  • Limit specific payment plans entry times (off-peak memberships), handle PAYG, and sell entry tokens.
  • Use existing hardware (android tablet with bluetooth and camera), or purchase from us.
  • Use SumUp's Air Card Reader for seamless payments.
  • Fire Safety / Covid awareness / General housekeeping Who's in the Building report.
  • Simple capacity endpoint for busy-ness (/api/entry/in-building)

Meal Plans and Nutrition

Daily Meals View Find a Meal Nutrition Composition Daily Report Body Composition Tracking Admin Nutrition Tracking Admin Nutrition Tracking Admin Meal Plans per Customer Create Meal Plan Create Meal
  • Build specific meal plans tailored to individual athletes' nutritional requirements.
  • Allow athletes to search for specific meals based on macronutrient information.
  • Record specific macronutrient intake on a daily basis.
  • Monitor body composition and receive notifications of unmet targets.
  • Adjust daily caloric intake based on performance feedback.

Meal Plans and Nutrition

Shop View Product View Checkout Admin Product View Shipping Options
  • Sell product online and in person.
  • Manage order completion steps and notify customers at each stage.
  • Best Seller, Low Stock, Category, etc, reports.
  • Manage a variety of combinations of Shipping / Coupon / Category options.
  • Adjust daily caloric intake based on performance feedback.
  • Per-product custom fields (shirt size, colour, etc).

Studio Hire

Studio Hire View Admin Studio Settings Admin Booking Info
  • Monetise your Studio during quiet periods by renting space.
  • Specify recurring periods of availability or specific one-off times.
  • Have different prices for different available slots.